Now introducing the latest and greatest version of the LINKIT Portable Conveyor, the LINKIT Series 400. The LINKIT is already well known and respected in the industry as being the best conveyor of rubble, aggregates and soils, and this popular lightweight machine, with its aluminum construction, is now even more portable than before. The LKS400 has a tough rubber troughed belt, a three-phased two-speed 110v motor and a portable hopper that is large enough to convey bulky material. When moving material in difficult terrains, this is the ideal machine for the job.

The LINKIT Series 400 can be used by one operator for any load up to an incline of 45 to 50 degrees. It is therefore ideal for challenging terrains, where the lie of the land would be a problem for most other machines. The LKS400 can do the job of moving that mountain of aggregate quickly and efficiently.

The fastest running speed is 90 feet per minute and the slowest is 65 feet per minute. A 5kva transformer can allow the use of five machines at once. The LKS400 also has inbuilt belt-tracking and a scraper.

This very useful and efficient machine can be seen in use on sites all over the country reliably shifting large amounts of material.



With 4 different lengths available (10′, 13′, 16′ or 20′), link them together to navigate through, around, over and out of any areas your job requires! Your own personalized conveyor!


Run up to 4 LINKITs from a single power supply!

The LKS400 is powered via a single phase 110v /240v power supply, which is run through a reliable internal inverter to 3 phase! This allows for more power and less noise while limiting energy used!


Move large volumes of material quickly and efficiently as you control all linked LINKIT conveyors from any of the linked controls!