Plain Flat conveyor belting for conveying loose and bulk material over low inclines.
Belt Cleaners are recommended when conveying damp/wet material.





InterQuip understands the variety of belting requirements for industries we serve. To help target the best price and specification to meet your needs, please call (866) 923-6579 or complete the form below with this information, if available:

  • Type of Material to be Moved
  • Conveyor Incline
  • Conveyor Distance
  • Conveyor Belt Width
  • Conveyor Belt Length
  • Conveyor Belt Thickness
  • Number of Plys Needed on Conveyor Belt
  • Conveyor Belt Type (Plain Flat Conveyor Belt)
  • Conveyor Belt Joint Type
  • Conveyor Top Covers
  • Conveyor Bottom Covers
  • Conveyor Drum Diameter

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Conveyor Belting Specs

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