Self Assembly Flat Economic Belt Conveyor.

The SAFEBELT Conveyor delivers a flexible, reliable, compact, high-quality conveyor solution for factories, warehouses, logistics/distribution centers, and airports throughout industries that are looking for either a temporary or permanent unit handling conveyor system.? Designed specifically with industrial applications in mind, the SAFEBELT Conveyor delivers efficient unit handling wherever it?s needed. Pair the SAFEBELT with our SAFETRAK non-motorized roller conveyor.

SAFEBELT & SAFETRAK Conveyors are shipped-to-site in sections for your self-assembly and installation.

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SAFEBELT SB300, SB600 & SB900

Flat Belt Conveyors with 12" (300mm), 24" (600mm) or 36" 900mm) wide PVC belts supplied in 2' (600mm), 4' (1200mm), or 8' (2400mm) segments for your desired length.

SAFETRAK ST300, ST600 & ST900

Roller Conveyors 12" (300mm), 24" (600mm) or 36" (900mm) wide supplied in 2' (600mm), 4' (1200mm), or 8' (2400mm) segments for your desired length.

Conveyor Stands for SAFEBELT & SAFETRAK

Adjustable Conveyor Stands available in three adjustable height settings from 20" - 55" (500mm to 1400mm) to the top belt level.


Detachable Side Guides 2.5"-high (60mm) in 2' (600mm) and 4' (1200mm) lengths to ensure the product doesn't hang or fall over the conveyor frame.

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