LP400 Hoppers & More

Range of hoppers and more to support loading by hand, excavator, or skid steer.

The NEW LINKUP LP400 has over 35 years of experience built into the design to provide the most efficient way to meet today's demand for conveying material on site. With four different hopper options to support hand-feeding to front-loader operations, the industry is now able to speed up the handling of excavated material on site like never before. Standard support stands are included with your conveyor and used not just for on-site support but also to strap the conveyor sections together for storage, handling with forklifts, and shipping to and from site. More accessories are on their way, so watch this space for more to come.

LP400 Hoppers & More


A Standard Hopper is included with the conveyor purchased and is also available separately for purchase if necessary. This size is suitable for feeding by hand, wheelbarrow, or small excavator. It is designed to fit on the location points along the conveyor’s length and can be used in either direction. With just 4 pins, 2 persons can fit or remove it in seconds. Hoppers are dispatched flat packed for you to assemble.


SIZE 39″L x 39″W x 14″H
SIZE 72″L x 39″W x 14″H

Support Stands

Standard Support Stands are included with your conveyor, two long and two short. Not just for on-site support, but to strap the conveyor sections together for storage, handling with forklifts, and shipping to and from the site.


Two standard sizes (Long or Short).



Complete line isolation, noise filtering, and surge suppression Faraday Shield offers 100% isolation from input AC line Isolation transformer design serves as an alternative to installing dedicated circuits and electrical upgrades. Remove EMI/RFI noise, utility switching transients, background spikes, and power, problems generated by other onsite loads, utility grid-switching, and lightning related surges

Product No. SHA036


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