The standard MULTIMISTER Stationary Cabinet range is available for misting hose lines 236, 315, and 394-FT and can operate with a standard fitted and remote switch. Optional zoning controls with sensor switching is available.

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Atomizer Dust and Odor Control.
MULTIMISTER is a revolutionary dust and odor suppression solution that will solve environmental and occupational health issues on most construction and recycling sites.


Water droplets at the correct size will capture dust particles and will drive them to the ground. The MULTIMISTER system helps remove effectively 0,1-1000 micron breathable dust particles and is a recognized method with only using a small amount of water.

Model Description
MMS-6 MULTIMISTER Dust Suppression Stationary Cabinet- 1.6 GPM / 6 LPM pump
MMS-8 MULTIMISTER Dust Suppression Stationary Cabinet- 2.1 GPM / 8 LPM pump
MMS-10 MULTIMISTER Dust Suppression Stationary Cabinet- 2.5 GPM / 10 LPM pump
MMS-12 MULTIMISTER Dust Suppression Stationary Cabinet- 3.2 GPM / 12 LPM pump

Clean water is pumped through hose lines with a series of stainless steel nozzles that produce either a water fog or mist tailored to suit your dust or odor issues. The nozzles can be positioned to attack the problem at the source or in a zone and controlled with an option of activation devices or boosted with fans.

Cabinet Fitted With:

– 7-Day Timer Control
– Heater and Thermostat
– 70 Bar / 1000 psi pump
– Positive Feed
– Main Water Filtration

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