Screen soil or aggregates with the maximum efficiency and portability of the SupaScreen. The SupaScreen's 1HP 110v (0.75kw) electric motor can be swung under the body of the machine to reduce the overall size to pass through gaps as narrow as 36".

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The?SupaScreen is designed to screen soil or aggregates with maximum efficiency and shares the features of compactness and portability with our other products. ?The Supascreen has?a?110v 0.75kw electric motor the motor can be swung under the body of the machine to reduce the overall size, allowing it to pass through gaps as narrow as 36″.

The SupaScreen can be either loaded by hand or most efficiently with a digger. The Screen operates by separating larger pieces of material from the soil, which can then be removed.?The smaller product falls through the Screen.

The easy to use SupaScreen operates by placing the material to be screened onto the mesh, either by hand or more efficiently by a digger. The Screen then vibrates through the chosen mesh size whilst clearing the larger stone or clumps off to another area. Screen meshes are available in sizes to suit your requirements and are easily changed. Three meshes are supplied with each machine as standard.

The SupaScreen is most efficient when used with Shifta conveyors to clear the screened product into a stockpile and the larger stones into another pile, this combination can process up to 100 tonnes a day of product.

This is environmentally friendly because it reduces the amount of soil going to landfill and reduces vehicle movements to and from the site. This helps comply with the government requirement that builders should dispose of more material on-site. It also has the advantage of saving money for the contractor.


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