Cleated conveyor belting to be used when high inclines exceed 30 degrees, fitted with 2″ high cleats set at regular intervals.





InterQuip understands the variety of belting requirements for industries we serve. To help target the best price and specification to meet your needs, please call (866) 923-6579 or complete the form below with this information, if available:

  • Type of Material to be Moved
  • Conveyor Incline
  • Conveyor Distance
  • Conveyor Belt Width
  • Conveyor Belt Length
  • Conveyor Belt Thickness
  • Number of Plys Needed on Conveyor Belt
  • Conveyor Belt Type (Cleated Conveyor Belt)
  • Conveyor Belt Joint Type
  • Conveyor Top Covers
  • Conveyor Bottom Covers
  • Conveyor Drum Diameter

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Conveyor Belting Specs

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