LINKIT Conveyors are best-in-class standard.
A few simple accessories will optimize their performance for you.


Maximize the capacity for construction and demolition material when using portable conveyors with skid steers and excavators. The bulk hopper extension easily attaches to the standard hopper.

12″ Part No. SHA036

18″ Part No. SHA037

LINKIT Conveyor Bulk Hopper


Increase the operating angle of your portable conveyors with an adjustable stand. When the standard 20″ stand falls short, adjust your angle up to 40″ high.

12″ Part No. SHA042

16″ Part No. SHA056

18″ Part No. SHA056

LINKIT Conveyor Adjustable Trestle


Keep bulkier construction and demolition materials in place on the portable conveyors and avoid spillage. These side extensions fit easily into place between the conveyor frame and belt.

12″: 10′ Part No. SHA024 | 14′ Part No. SHA027 | 18′ Part No. SHA029

16″: 10′ Part No. LINKIT-SHF160 | 13′ Part No. LINKIT-SHF161                                                           16′ Part No. LINKIT-SHF162 | 20′ Part No. LINKIT-SHF163

18″: 10′ Part No. SHA024 | 14′ Part No. SHA027 | 18′ Part No. SHA029


LINKIT Conveyor Side Extensions


Don’t get caught in downtime when wear parts wear out! We expect you to put these machines to work, so we’ve created a replacement parts kit to keep them working for you. 

12″ Part No. SHA111

16″ Part No. LINKIT-SHF164

18″ Part No. SHA110

LINKIT Critical Parts Kit


The complete line isolation, noise filtering, and surge suppression of the Farady Shield offers 100% isolation from the input AC line. The Isolation Transformer’s design serves as an alternative to installing dedicated circuits and electrical upgrades. It also removes EMI/RFI noise, utility switching transients, background spikes, and power problems generated by other onsite loads, utility grid-switching, and lightning related surges.

Product No. ISO-04 1000

Isolation Transformer

Order your LINKIT parts and accessories directly or through SmartEquip

12″ Parts are compatible with LINKIT LKS300 Series;
16″ Parts are compatible with LINKIT LKS400 Series;                                                                    18″ Parts are compatible with LINKIT LKS450 Series;
10′, 14′ and 18′ Parts are universally compatible.

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