Choose the length, motor, and belting type to suit your operation. Don’t forget to add stands, belt scrapers, covers, and guides!




The EASIKIT EK1500 modular conveyor features a 60″ wide trough belt assembled between 9′ and 85′ long from 1.2- and 2.4-meter intermediate sections. With your choice of 3-phase motors and belting (plain, cleated or chevron) this is a great conveyor for coping with low density, high volume materials (e.g. sorting and separating) and high density, high volume materials (e.g. excavations) alike.

The EK1500 conveyor is the largest model in the EASIKIT range. Built to order, a great conveyor for coping with those very large applications (i.e. low density, high volume material handling). Ideal conveyor for those requirements where material needs to be evenly spread across the belt (e.g. for separation, etc.).

All the necessary accessories such as support stands, belt scrapers, and hoppers etc. are supplied with the conveyor to complete your conveyor requirements.

  • 60″ Wide Trough Belt
  • Adaptable Modular Design
  • Robust Construction
  • Durable Galvanized Finish

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EASIKIT EK1500 Modular Conveyor Spec Sheet

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