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InterQuip USA LLC is the North American distributor of portable LINKIT Conveyors, LINKUP Site Conveyors, modular EASIKIT Conveyors, SAFEBELT & SAFETRAK Unit Handling Conveyors. Whether you’re a contractor looking to add these machines to your fleet or a dealer looking to expand your product offerings, InterQuip is your source to buy conveyors and more!

LINKIT Portable Conveyor



LINKITs are ideal for moving dirt, rock, and more in confined areas like basements, trenches, and backyards. Available in of 10, 13, 16 or 20-foot lengths the LKS400 Series has a 16″ belt and runs on 110V power. Add bulk hoppers, adjustable stands and side guides to maximize performance.

LINKIT is available to buy or rent through our nationwide dealer network.


LINKUP Site Conveyor


Where Adaptability and Portability Meet Affordability

The LINKUP LP400 is a robust, powerful, and compact dirt conveyor. Powered by a 3-Phase Drum Drive motor with a 110V single-phase power supply, it operates with two speeds in forward or reverse. It’s 16″ wide 2′ high cleated rubber belt can move up to 800 lbs. of material at a time – that’s up to and over 60TPH!

Assembles in less than 30 minutes and neatly “stacks-and-straps” to move on to the next job!




Flexible Unit Handling Solutions

SAFEBELT & SAFETRAK are a flexible, reliable, compact, high-quality solution for factories, warehouses, logistics/distribution centers, and airports. Whether you are looking for a temporary or permanent solution. SAFEBELT delivers efficient unit handling wherever it is needed. Shipped-to-site in sections for your self-assembly and installation.


LIFTA Roofing Conveyor


Portable 110V and Gas-Powered

LIFTAs accelerate the loading process making it quick, easy, and safe to move material from the ground to the roof. The folding design provides multiple lengths of 20′, 26′ or 32′.


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