LINKIT Conveyors

Other conveyors can be a pain. LINKIT Conveyors are hassle-free.

A “plug-and-play” material management solution for dirt, aggregate, brick, and more. Move material without breaking your back or your budget with LINKIT Portable Conveyors. LINKITs are ideal for working in confined spaces or areas where access is restricted such as basements, trenches, backyards, and more.


***LKS300 and LKS450 Parts and Accessories Still Available to Purchase in the Shop*** 

LINKIT LKS400 Portable Conveyor


A portable conveyor with a 16″ wide rubber multi-chevron belt, available in lengths of 10, 13, 16, and 20 feet. LINKIT Portable Conveyors are available to buy or rent through our nationwide dealer network.


LINKIT Portable Conveyor Starter Packs


LINKIT Starter Packs offer a convenient way to order the set of conveyors required to move material on your job. Packs of 46, 52 or 60 feet are available.


LINKIT Portable Conveyor Accessories


LINKIT Conveyors are best-in-class standard. A few simple accessories will optimize their performance for you. Parts and accessories for LINKIT Conveyors are available to buy direct, through our dealer network and through SmartEquip.


LINKIT Portable Conveyor Starter Packs


The Rackbox is a revolutionary storage solution that maximizes space, ensures durability, and boosts efficiency while securely accommodating up to 8 LINKIT Conveyors.


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