The standard MULTIMISTER Stationary Cabinet range is available for 236, 315, and 394-FT misting hose lines and can operate with a standard fitted and remote switch. Optional zoning controls with sensor switching is available.

MULTIMISTER Dust Suppression Stationary Cabinet- 1.6 GPM / 6 LPM pump
MULTIMISTER Dust Suppression Stationary Cabinet- 2.1 GPM / 8 LPM pump
MULTIMISTER Dust Suppression Stationary Cabinet- 2.5 GPM / 10 LPM pump
MULTIMISTER Dust Suppression Stationary Cabinet- 3.2 GPM / 12 LPM pump

Water Droplets at the correct size will capture dust particles and will drive them to the ground. The MULTIMISTER system helps effectively remove 0.1-1000 micron breathable dust particles and is a recognized method while only using a small amount of water.

Clean water is pumped through hose lines with a series of sustainable steel nozzles that produce either a water fog or mist tailored to suit your dust or odor issues. The nozzles can be positioned to attack the problem at the source or in a zone and controlled with an option of activation devices with fans.


Cabinet Fitted With:

  • 7-Day Timer Control
  • Heater and Thermostat
  • 70 Bar / 1000 PSI Pump
  • Positive Feed
  • Main Water Filtration

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