TUFFWASH Hand-Washing Stations

Touchless Hand-Washing Stations.

Lightweight, portable and compact solutions for construction sites, events, and entrances to shared public spaces like schools, stores, and houses of worship.


Touchless Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

The Sani-Post features a slim and sleek stainless design. Simple to set up and operate, the Sani-Post provides unlimited refills — more than 200 pumps at a time.


LINKIT LP400-18ft


Touchless 5-Gallon Portable Hand-Washing Station

Mitigate the spread of germs with our “no plumbing required” handwashing stations. Provides 80 washes. Available with Cold or Hot water.



Touchless 30-Gallon Site Hand-Washing Station

Stop the spread of germs at the door! No plumbing required with TUFFWASH portable hand-washing stations. Provides 440 washes. Available with Cold or Hot water, or Fully Winterized.


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