The MULTIMISTER is designed to suppress air bourn dust particles with high-pressure water mist creating fine water droplets by special misting nozzles. Our proven system consists of binding the air borne dust particles with fine water droplets which helps them fall to the ground by gravity.

Dusty areas can be reached either with an adjustable height mast or with a misting nozzle hose line that can be positioned at the source of the issue. Using only a half gallon per minute saves water and reduces flooding the site. Here are the 5 standout features of the MULTIMISTER:

  1. The Water Reservoir

The MMT’s 26-gallon tank will supply you with 50-60 minutes of continuous operation. When fitted to a float valve from a water main, the unit can be operated remotely or continuously.

  1. The Misting Mast

The MULTIMISTER’s adjustable height mast extends from 5 feet – 6.5 feet in height. Similar to the Cannonmister, the MULTIMISTER is easy clean mast with removable nozzles.

  1. Water Pump & Controls

Quality high-pressure water pump and motor. Pump switch with emergency stop 6m lead and socket.

  1. Hose Line

Also fitted with 32-FT lead hose with x 4 fogging nozzles at 3-FT spacings. The hose line will suppress the dust when positioned near to the source as much as possible. Optional configurations are available on request.

  1. Maneuverability

Puncture-proof wheels and heavy-duty braked castor can be positioned easily.

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