Dust Suppression

Quality equipment for the control of airborne dust particles with water suppression.

The misting and fogging of water is an effective method of suppressing dust throughout many industries. InterQuip offers a great range of equipment for internal and external construction, demolition, recycling, and quarry operations.

Simple Dust Suppression.

The JETMISTER is a revolutionary dust-suppression machine that will solve your construction and demolition dust problems. Available in wheeled, skid or site-tow units.


Atomizer Dust & Odor Suppression.

The MULTIMISTER will suppress dust in those problem areas with or without mains water supply. Mobile trolley or stationary cabinet systems available.


Dust & Odor Suppression – Ideal for Event Cooling!

The CANNONMISTER is a water-saving yet effective dust suppression machine that performs for any dust, odor or cooling requirements.


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